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Our Destinations in Peru

About Us

X Travel Peru history is of a group of enterprising professionals in tourism, in favorable circumstances for growth in the Peru, decided to bet, in 2010, in order to meet the challenges of the tourist market, analyzing every aspect of the needs of the tourists. and form a new company of tourist operation in the country.

So thanks to great dreams of our fellow travelers and colleagues, helped strengthen the company x travel peru, and lead to a job of leadership and responsibility, occupying one of the best in information technology today, providing tourists a simple detail information, and offering new tourist circuits consolidated with the populations of the place and by the tourist of the social projects involving x travel peru has.

X Travel you want to extend your professional way of working and to give opportunity to many travelers, who are part of the team to thus take a responsible and sustainable inclusive tourism. A commitment to excellence and quality is what we set as a goal, and we are fulfilling it that go beyond business. We are preferred for the traveler because they can rely on us 24 hours, this service is always customized to suit your needs ensuring that your travel will reach a point of excellence without worries.

We invite you to be part of an unforgettable experience and is the leading company in the market.

About Us - X Travel Perú

Why you  have you to choose us :

  •  We are professionals

Group of licensed professionals, software engineers, foreign designers and friends.

  • Work custom care

we care about your trip every minute during 24 hours, to make it excellent.

  • We are friends.

Our client is part of our Organization, is a friend, every traveler strengthens us.

  • We work with technology

We handle applications from sofware, which allows our traveler to learn more and to locate during your trip.

  • Work in new routes

innovate routes, and created activities circuits tourist.

  • We work in tourism projects with collaboration of travelers and the population.

Give priority to social development, making participate in projects that we carry out, preparing and projecting a tourism for all

  • We are social and environmentally.

We care about the social and environmental well-being that our work is a persuasive daily study with responsibility.

Our team

Being a professional company, we maintain the personalized service to be organized into areas according to market. Each team specializes in a market and known preferences, products.

X TRAVEL PERU staff is distinguished by a commitment to reliable service, a constant search for innovative solutions, and a climate of collaboration that achieves excellent results.

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