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Trip Overview


Waqrapukara is a new tourist attraction that remains almost unknown to this day, but it retains great beauty and charm. The tour is suitable for those seeking a spirituality that drowns in the sea of ​​commercial tours. Waqrapukara is a pre-Inca archaeological complex located in the Acomayo province within the Cusco region, near the Apurímac River. The main construction is located on platforms, squares, and the so-called “Forest of Stones”. From its altitude of 4,140 meters above sea level, it offers spectacular views of the Apurímac River and the Andes Mountains.

Its name comes from Quechua, “WAQRA” means HORN while “PUKARA” means STRENGTH. Therefore, the meaning of the name is translated as “FORTRESS WITH HORNS” given by its typical form. However, the locals also called it “LLAMAPUKARA” as they claim that the shape does not represent horns, but FLAME EARS.

It was built by the pre-Inca Qanchis culture within the period called “Auqaruna” (1,500 BC – 1,000 BC). During this period, the complex used to be a city called “Llaqta Pukara” and the seat of a Qanchi leader. In addition, it served as an astronomical observatory and sanctuary of the god “Teqci Pachakamaq Wiraqocha” (Creator of all created things). Later, it was conquered by the Incas, who molded the constructions to geography during the reign of Wayna Qhapaq. Later, it became an Inca sanctuary of the first order that symbolizes an immense political and religious power not yet disconcerted. In 2017, the complex was declared a Cultural Heritage of the Nation by the Ministry of Culture of Peru.



The tour to Waqrapukara will enchant you because it is an incredible place where you can appreciate pre-Inca archaeology, which is located in the province of Acomayo. For that reason, in the archaeological site, you will be able to observe the platforms, squares, and stone forest. Likewise, Waqrapukara comes from two Quechua voices, “Waqra” which means horn and “Pukara” means strength.


It is a mysterious and amazing archaeological site that is unfortunately unknown to tourists. On the tour to Waqrapukara you will have a guided tour of the “Inti Punku” (Puerta del Sol), the main square, towers, turrets, platforms and premises of Wiracocha (God creator of things). In addition, from the top, you have impressive views of the landscapes of the Apurímac River and the Andes. We will also appreciate cave paintings in the shape of llamas.

It was built by the Qanchis (Pre-Inca culture) in the “Aquaruna” period 1,500 BC. – 1,000 BC At this time it was known as “Llacta Pukara”, which would have been an astronomical observatory and a sanctuary dedicated to “Teqsi Pachacamac” Wiracocha (God creator of all things). This place was later conquered by the Incas, who modelled their constructions according to the geography of the place, during the reign of Wayna Qhapac and it became an Inca sanctuary of the first order that symbolized immense political and religious power. In 2017 it was declared as Cultural Heritage of the Nation by the Ministry of Culture.

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  • 4 am – an early pick-up from your hotel in Cusco.
  • Transport by private vehicle southward of Cusco till the village of Cusipata.
  • 6 am – breakfast at the restaurant La Montana in Cusipata.
  • Continuation of the ride appreciating the lagoon of Pomacanchi on the way and later passing by the Acos District within the Acomayo Province to finally stop at Huayqui – a trailhead.
  • 3-hour hike to Waqrapukara.
  • Guided visit of this mystical and religious archaeological site.
  • Offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth).
  • Return trek to Huayqui observing rock paintings on the way.
  • Having a box lunch (alternatively, a picnic – depending on time) at Huayqui.
  • Ride back to Cusco passing through Acos and Acomayo stopping at Cusipata.
  • 5 am (approx.) – a tea break at the restaurant in Cusipata.
  • Continuation of the ride to Cusco City.
  • 7 pm (approx.) – arrival at Cusco.
  • Drop off at your hotel.
  • End of service of the Cusco – Tour: Waqrapukara 1 Day.




The Cusco – Tour: Waqrapukara 1 Day starts with your pick-up very early in the morning, at 4 am since we have a long ride before us. So, you get on our private van and we head to the Cusipata village (3,319 m) southward of Cusco. At Cusipata, we have breakfast at the restaurant La Montana (at 6 am). Then, we continue appreciating the Pomacanchi Lagoon on the way. Later, we pass through the Acos District (3,096 m) within the Acomayo Province to get to the village of Huayqui (3,390 m). There, we get off and start trekking for around 3 hours (7,5 km).

Upon arrival at Waqrapukara, you receive a guided tour of this mysterious and by tourists undiscovered archaeological site. During the tour, your Tour Guide shows you “Inti Punku” (Sun Gate), the main square, towers (“Torreones”), platforms and premises of the god Wiracocha. From the top, we are given impressive views of the surrounding landscapes of the Apurimac River and the Andes. We also take an advantage of being at this ancient mystical and religious site so we make an offering to Pachamama (the Mother Earth in the native language). Afterwards, we began our return hike to the village of Huayqui admiring cave paintings illustrating lamas during the way.

At Huayqui, we eat a box lunch to regain our energy. Then, we get on the van and head back to Cusco passing by the Acos District and the Acomayo Province again. At around 5 pm, we make a stop at the restaurant in Cusipata to enjoy a tea break. After warming us up, we continue the ride reaching Cusco at approximately 7 pm. At the end of the tour, we drop you off at your hotel.


Maximum altitude: 4,140 metres / 13,580 feet
Minimum altitude: 3,096 metres / 10,157 feet
Duration of the trek: 6 hours
Trekking distance: 15 km / 9.3 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Weather: Cold



  • Pre-trek briefing.
  • Pick-up from your hotel in Cusco.
  • Private transport to the trailhead and back to Cusco.
  • A professional English-speaking Tour Guide.
  • Guide Assistant (for groups of over 10 participants).
  • Entrance fee to the archaeological complex of Waqrapukara.
  • Meals: 1x breakfast, 1x lunch, hot beverages during main meals – a vegetarian option available upon request.
  • First aid kit and a bottle of oxygen.
  • Drop off at your hotel.


  • A horse (USD 28 extra).
  • Dinner.
  • Beverages (apart of breakfast and lunch).
  • Walking stick (We can rent you one for an additional USD 5).
  • Tips to local staff.
  • Pocket money in Soles.
  • Accommodation in Cusco.
  • Any flight.
  • Travel insurance.




  • Necessary stuff for a 1-day trek (We recommend a backpack of up to 5 kg.);
  • Personal identification document (a copy of ID/Passport);
  • Personal medicines (if applicable);
  • Small backpack;
  • Warm clothes such as a jacket, sweaters, long trousers, scarf, gloves;
  • Rainy coat or poncho (especially, from November to April);
  • Trekking shoes;
  • Camera;
  • Extra batteries and/or power bank (there is no electricity on the trek);
  • Binoculars;
  • A peak/hat;
  • Sunglasses;
  • Sun protection cream;
  • Walking stick;
  • Bottled water (2 litres);
  • Soroche pills or natural coca leaves or coca Candys (against altitude sickness!);
  • Snacks (e.g. energy bars, chocolate, dry fruits, coca candy, biscuits, sweets in general);
  • Pocket money in Soles (in any case of emergency or to buy some refreshment).
  • Face shield
  • Chinstrap
  • Personal alcohol

Waqrapukara Místico


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